picture1My name is Matthew Allen. I am a Freshman at Quinnipiac University majoring in Film, TV and Media with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Small business management. I am on the cross country team here at Quinnipiac, and have made lifelong friends by joining this team.

I am from Horsham, Pennsylvania which is located in the suburbs about 45 minutes North of Philadelphia. My hobbies are film, video, photography, running and travel. Every year my family tries to travel to a new place and make memories that will last forever. I have been to over 15 states and almost 10 countries. Each place has a new culture and I love experiencing how different the world can be, even just one state away. Since coming to Quinnipiac, I have learned even more about people’s different cultures which has widen my horizons. After one semester of college, I feel I have been able to adapt to this new environment and will love my four years at this school.

I think this class will expand my knowledge about photo editing and strengthen what I already know about these programs from high school. As I look more into the film and TV industry, I have realized how important it is to have knowledge about many topics in the technology industry. Learning all of these programs will make me a more qualified employee for my future career or internship.