dogs edit together for blog

This piece had two original pictures. I wanted to make the picture look like both dogs were looking the same direction and interested in the same thing. I had to take the dog on the right from “Original 2” and put him in the position of the dog on the right in “Original 1.” After doing this, I moved the dogs closer together as well and finally smoothed out the grass for a realistic image with the dogs looking the same direction.

Retouching number 2

This photo started out very faded, not straight with scratches and pixels missing on the photo. The first thing I did was rotate the image to make the horizon straight. Next, I used the auto tone, auto contrast and auto color features to make the image clearer. Finally, I used tools such as the fill (content aware) to fix the scratch in the top right corner, and I also used the spot healing brush tool to fix scratches in the water on the original picture. The after picture gives the viewer a much more appealing and easy to see picture.

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