This was a simple project where I traced a pair and a leaf to go on it and then used patterns, textures and colors to make a small scene. Adding the grass, rock, clouds, leaf, and bugs were part of the “symbols” tab that made for a quick realistic design. Even the gradient in the […]

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For this project, I traced 9 of some of my favorite logos. This allowed me to understand the pen tool and how graphic designers are able to make custom designs. I made the background into a pattern like type, but if I were to do this project again, I would try to focus on the […]

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Color and Grid

This project was to learn how to create custom shapes with the shape tool, color them, use gradients, use patterns, and use reflection tools. I found this project very useful and it helped me later in the class. To keep an interesting look, I made the backgrounds the same for each grouping so that the […]

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Illustrator Tutorial

This project was my first Illustrator project where, on my own, I learned how to use the pen tool as well as several other features. After searching on Google, I was able to find this interesting tutorial that taught me many features such as coloring, text-boxes and the pen tool. This project helped me get […]

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This piece had two original pictures. I wanted to make the picture look like both dogs were looking the same direction and interested in the same thing. I had to take the dog on the right from “Original 2” and put him in the position of the dog on the right in “Original 1.” After […]

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Layer Mask Composition

This project was to demonstrate my skills with masking and selection tools. The original picture had a blue sky behind the mountain, I edit the picture to make it look like it was a night sky above the mountain. I then noticed that the reflection in the water was not the same sky as the […]

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Selection Assignment Redesign

For this piece, I took my original selection assignment and rearranged some of the pictures. When doing this rearranging, I also used layer masks to delete parts of each image, but not permanently deleting the pixels. To finish the project, I added a night sky background to make the change more dramatic.

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